The first album cover for international artist, Recloose. The illustration was visually inspired by Alice in Wonderland but its contents were more indicative of the artist's discovery and Detroit itself. The "Dining Room" was Recloose's self-styled studio located literally in the dining room of his Woodbridge home.

The exclamation that became the title was sampled from a popular commercial at the time where a family was so committed to take-out that they were surprised to see their dining room for the first time.

Back in the day, while working at Russell St. Deli, Recloose cleverly slipped a tape of his work into Carl Craig's (Planet E) lunch order, ultimately becoming one of the label's principal artists. The sandwich at the center of the album cover represents that special delivery that would change Recloose's life - filled with tape and set atop a turntable.

The rest is history.

So This is the Dining Room!
So This is the Dining Room!
Planet E Communications
12 x 12